Madison-Based Health IT Company Awarded Major Research Grant to Reduce Health Disparities

Madison, WI -My Coverage Plan, Inc., a for-profit subsidiary of Madison-based non-profit ABC for Health, Inc., secured a major Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant of up to $1.6 million over 5 years from the National Institutes of Health, Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities. My Coverage Plan, Inc., is an early stage company developing disruptive technology solutions to reduce health disparities. Our local provider partner is St Mary's hospital in Madison. "Our health care revenue cycle technology and solutions provide a win for patients and providers and promotes Madison as a leading developer of Precision Patient Advocacy™ technology," says Bobby Peterson, founder and President of My Coverage Plan, Inc.

My Coverage Plan, Inc., founded in 2010 with a separate SBIR grant, secured a patent in 2012 on a software application that acts like TurboTax® but for health coverage. The tool screens, identifies, and optimizes current and future public and private healthcare coverage and generates an electronic health coverage record. Improper alignment of health care coverage exacerbates medical debt issues and intensifies existing health disparities and increases costs.

The new funding promotes education strategies that reduce health disparities through workforce training that addresses the rapidly changing health care coverage program rules, requirements, and eligibility. The proposed Learning Management System (LMS) software called GURULZ™, will provide an initial assessment of trainees and establish a web based on-demand curriculum to train and maintain workforce competency about health coverage program rules and requirements. The GURULZ™ LMS system evolved from corporate parent ABC for Health, Inc. (ABC), HealthWatch Wisconsin, and training programs for Patient Advocates, Health Benefits Counselors, and Attorneys who help low income people identify and optimize health coverage. "Some folks called ABC staff the 'gurus of health coverage rules,' so GURULZ™ is our creative mash-up of that specific expertise," said Peterson. "Proactive patient engagement with trained and competent staff promotes better health outcomes, improves customer service, and enhances community health all while reducing uncompensated care. In 2014, uncompensated care totaled over $1.3 billion in Wisconsin. We can do much better," said Peterson.

Phase 1 of the SBIR funding includes a comprehensive evaluation to establish proof of concept of GURULZ ™ from 2016-2018. A subsequent three-year funding period is available to promote commercialization of the technology. GURULZ ™ will help health care providers and patients secure optimized coverage across Wisconsin and potentially across the nation. Peterson adds, "As a leader in Precision Patient Advocacy™ we hope to stay in Madison Wisconsin, but will carefully evaluate the best environment that promotes economic stability and growth for our high-tech company. With our patented technology and a boost in research funding, My Coverage Plan, Inc. will enhance a local culture of innovation, high tech job creation, and growth."

Peterson adds, "Our strategic partnership with ABC for Health Inc., St Mary's Hospital and SSM Health Care can promote new efforts to train staff, engage patients and chip away at uncompensated care locally and eventually across the country. GURULZ ™ will provide cutting edge training that informs learners of myriad nuances of both public and private health coverage options to help patients and dramatically reduce uncompensated care."

Peterson concluded, "The timing is right for this technology. The emergence of Insurance Marketplace, coupled with many other program options aligns perfectly with our new patented technology solutions to support training, reduce health disparities, and promote and optimize consumer choices."

National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number 1R43MD011209 - 01A1 supports the research of this initiative.

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Fierce Innovation Awards: Healthcare Edition Program Announces Finalists

Fierce Innovations 2015 Finalist logo

Madison, WI - My Coverage Plan, Inc. announced its selection today as a finalist in this year’s Fierce Innovation Awards: Healthcare Edition, an awards program from the publisher of FierceHealthIT, FierceHealthcare, and FierceMobileHealthcare. My Coverage Plan, Inc., an early stage company from Madison Wisconsin, was recognized as a finalist in the category of (Health Care) Revenue Cycle Management.

My Coverage Plan, Inc. was selected as a finalist for its innovative, emerging product, the patented, My Coverage Plan technology solution developed through a National Institute of Health NIMHD SBIR grant, in partnership with ABC for Health Inc. Finalists were selected by a distinguished panel of CIOs from renowned U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems, including Allina Health, Rush University Medical Center, Aspirus, and JFK Health System, among others. Click For a complete list of judges.

Applications were judged based on the following criteria: care efficiency, competitive advantage, financial impact/value, market need, patient experience/satisfaction, quality of care and patient outcomes, and overall fierceness and innovation. Finalists were selected based on calculation of the judges’ scores in each area. My Coverage Plan Inc, a for profit subsidiary of Madison WI based ABC for Health Inc. emerged as a contest finalist!

My Coverage Plan, Inc. President and Founder, Bobby Peterson, was delighted with the national recognition. He touted the company’s focus on “pro-actively engaging patients to reduce the pain from uncompensated care.” Nationally, The Kaiser Foundation reports uncompensated care exceeds $84 billion in 2013. In Wisconsin, hospital’s reported over $1.3 billion in uncompensated care in 2014. “The time for a new revenue cycle solution is here,” continued Peterson.

The My Coverage Plan technology development includes a guided interview approach for patients, with provider assistance, to obtain, maintain and optimize available health care coverage. The tool assembles patient data, applies rules to help optimizes coverage and generates a roadmap to help guide current and possible future medical coverage considerations To learn more about My Coverage Plan, Inc., see:

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