About My Coverage Plan, Inc.

My Coverage Plan, Inc. (MCP), is a subsidiary of ABC for Health, Inc. (ABC) a Wisconsin based nonprofit law firm. For the last 21 years ABC has helped consumers obtain and maintain health coverage and trained health provider staff about coverage options. MCP is selling a web-based health benefits screening and counseling decision support tool to hospitals and other providers.

MCP products allow providers to help patients optimize health coverage programs and create a coverage roadmap that adjusts to changing life events. Patients optimize coverage and providers secure more revenue. MCP received patent protection for the software in February of 2012. MCP has three active provider customer partners and is developing partners with EMR vendors. The NIH supports portions of the development work through SBIR funds to reduce health disparities.


With our partners at ABC for Health Inc., MCP works with urban and rural Wisconsin providers to help build the tools and technology solutions to better assist disparity patients. Currently our partnership includes St. Mary’s and SSM Wisconsin providers in south central Wisconsin. We serve Meriter Unity Point in that region as well. In Northwest Wisconsin MCP is under contract with ABC for Rural Health Inc., to help build a health benefits counseling network of three rural critical access hospitals, a local public health office, and an advocacy organization. The SafetyWeb Network project is funded under a Rural Network Development initiative through federal HRSA.

Methods and Approach

The MCP advantage includes a proactive patient-centered approach that helps patients optimize and maintain health coverage and helps providers increase revenues. MCP promotes up front revenue and reduces ineffective backend collection actions and costs. MCP tools inform a sophisticated understanding of both public and private payment options. MCP both secures and saves money for providers, and promotes positive community relations.